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Thread: How fast to start off?

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Posted: 2018-10-13 20:11
Hi everyone. I am glad to have found LCWO.
I have been learning CW on and off for around 18 months now. Random numbers and letters I am quite comfortable with. My biggest difficulty is actual words or qsos.
I am currently using the default setting Character Speed = 20 wpm, Effective Speed = 10 wpm, Tone = 800 Hz, - Which in effect is around 15WPM I think.
would you recommend this speed or to try and up it?

Posted: 2018-10-15 10:30
There are two different hurdles:

1. the first is actually recognising the characters at a given speed (this is a hurdle you seem to have overcome) and

2. the second is that when the time lag between recognising one character and the next is too long, for a given speed, you will forget the characters in between.

I would suggest that you train at a realistic working speed, for instance 20/20 , without feeling that you have to recognise everything and just let it happen. It is a bit like listening to a foreign language, over time the brain fills in the gaps and things start to gel.

I have found memorising the 100 most common words in English extraordinarily helpful : I prepared a list of the 100 most common words in Microsoft Word, pasted each word 4 times (i.e. each word was repeated 5 times), converted the text to CW using the "Convert text to CW" option on LCWO and then listened to the words by batches of 20 until I had them memorised. I am now doing the same thing with the 1,000 most common words.

After memorising the sounds of the words, I drilled recognition using G4fon's marvelous program.

In addition, it helps a lot to train in sending with a keyer (in my case, a K44): I first send a text (actually the manual of the K44, which includes letters, numbers and prosigns) and then I "improvise" (i.e. rag-chew with myself), since spelling while you think is definitely an acquired skill.

I try to train these different sets of skills every day for at least 15mns each.

Posted: 2018-10-16 23:01
> Which in effect is around 15WPM
Probably 11wpm only, but already good enough for making a qsos.


Listening to qsos: Try, if you can recognize some of the information like callsign, rst, qth, name, rig, antenna and write it down (by hand on paper).

There are videos with 100 and 500 common words at different speeds on youtube already. Maybe just start with 15wpm:

Do a Callsign Training with the setup 15wpm, fixed speed, remove long and slashed calls.
This training allowes higher speeds, you also are allowed, to repeat the callsign a few times. After you go back to the normal training, that will sound slow.
For me the tone is important. I prefer around 600Hz, which is also less tiring (for me).

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