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Thread: Halftime :)

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Posted: 2018-09-28 10:40
Dear friends,

i'm just so glad that I reached "halftime" today that I had to write this posting to greet my fellow CW learning OMs and YLs.

I just downloaded my training files for unit 20.

Its a great feeling to be on the way of CW learning and to see and feel that it works and gets better, slowly, little by little...

Probably a "useless" skill and art, but anyway, I am and I was fascinated by CW since I was a young boy, and now I am very proud to learn CW at the age of 51.

My personal training method is just listening to CW, speed 25 WPM, 10 WPM effective.

I usually download 10 new training files from the next lesson, as mp3 to my smartphone once a week. Then I listen to them while I drive in my car. Normally twice a day, when I go or come from work.
My goal was to add 1 new character every week; so I would finish all the lessons in a bit less than a year.
Now, today, after about 16 weeks, I am halftime.

I love listening to the CW sounds, and I love, how listening to them gets better. The characters automatically get "sharper" and more familiar.
No need to set yourself under pressure, give yourself enough time and just listen and listen and listen regularly.

During my holidays, I paused listening to my CW lessons for about 4 weeks. By then, I was in lesson 15. After 4 weeks, I had to restart at lesson 12, the last three characters were forgot. But it came back very fast, and even better, the older characters were "more solid". So making short breaks is (imho) no problem at all; you just might lose the last characters but you will recover very fast, and I think that the brain uses the free time to organize the already learned just a little better.

vy 73 de Juergen, DG2SKJ

Posted: 2018-09-28 11:24
Congratulations and the best of lucks!

Posted: 2018-09-28 20:53
Congrats, Jürgen. The second half will be even easier :-)


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