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Discussion forum for user group: Radiotelegraphy Elements 1 & 2

Thread: Requirements

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Posted: 2018-09-17 04:47
Element 1 - 16 code groups per minute.

Element 2 - 20 words per minute.

The FCC rules provide that passing a telegraphy receiving examination is adequate proof of an examinee's ability to both send and receive telegraphy. Examinees must copy by ear and, if subject to a sending test, send by hand plain text and code groups in the international Morse code.

This includes all the letters of the alphabet, numerals 0-9, period, comma, question mark, slant mark, and prosigns AR, BT, and SK.

Examinees must copy and send at the required speeds for one continuous minute without making any errors. Each test lasts approximately five minutes. The failing of any code test automatically terminates the examination.

Code speeds are computed using five letters per word or code group. Punctuation symbols and numbers count as two letters each.

Posted: 2020-09-18 00:16
In practice, do the examiners make the testers transmit, and if so who provides the equipment? Also is it still allowed to use a type writer (or computer) to type out the code? Tnx

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