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Thread: Erors after check results

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Posted: 2008-08-29 16:08
After receiving letters M nad K in the first lesson I checked results. Is the red colour wrong received and green correct received letter? 73 de Neven, 9A5YY

Posted: 2008-08-29 16:26
Hello Neven,

yes, when checking the results, both the transmitted and the received groups are displayed side by side, with the errors highlighted in a third column.

Most errors should be detected properly, the only problem currently is when there is an additional or missing space. Checking is done group by group, so if you enter "MKMKMMKMKK" where "MKMKM MKMKK" was sent, it is recognized as a single group and will give you a lot of errors.

I'm working on this problem, so that the checking becomes more tolerant to malformed input..

73, Fabian

Posted: 2008-08-29 21:34
I tried again, evething is OK. I didn't notice the groups before. Thanks for help! 73 de Neven, 9A5YY

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