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Thread: Loss of audio

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Posted: 2018-04-20 15:42
Im using this awesome site on my ipad pro. When I first started, everything was working perfectly then it started dropping the last 2 or three groups. I wanted to change the code duration to 5 minutes but the audio drops out after 1 minute. However, when I hit submit, the stats show that a full 5 minutes was transmitted even though the audio dropped out at just shy of 1 minute.
I am using the Html 5 format and I have also tried the link to the MP3 file with the same results. Ive not tried using the site on a laptop or desktop to see if this problem persists on those platforms.

I love this site and it is helping this oldtymer learn code. Id just like to see if there is a wor-around for these issues.

Posted: 2018-04-21 04:21
Works fine with my laptop. Iíve tried on my IPad Pro with three different browsers. Itís something to do with the tablet or the current version of IOS.

Posted: 2018-04-21 15:22
Hello Sirs. I am experiencing the same problem with my iPad. I do not use the software on other device, only iPad. The audio interrupts about 1 minute after starting, sometimes a little less sometimes a little more, ragrdless of the lenght I selected. Bye. Claudio

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