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Thread: This forum gave me a new helpful thought.

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Posted: 2018-03-31 02:07
Afer a year of practice I know the code. I find 17-20wpm easier to copy that

Posted: 2018-03-31 05:32
(My complete message didn't post) I read on this forum that you can learn such that the code is translated from the ear to your keyboard finger. I use an iPad for practice. After a year I know the code and can send 20wpm without thinking about it. I can copy 10/10 on the iPad. 10 is hard to copy because it is too slow, 17/10 is better but any faster I couldn't keep up on the iPad. Without the keyboard and OTA it is a mess of dits and dashes unless I really concentrate. On the poster's suggestion I used words at 17/17, and only head copied. It has really helped! Code is ear to brain. Now I can hear a snippet of code and hear letters and somethimes words. I type a word or two behind during practice. I wish I could find the post to give credit to the poster. Has anyone else exprienced this?

Posted: 2018-03-31 11:12
Yes, I did experience that.

Copy random code is really a pain in the neck especially mixed (all learned characters)

Best thing should be - I think - when the construction of the lessons should be presenting existing words in your desired language, as much as possible with the, at that lesson mastered characters.

There is even a severe risk at concentrating on and exercising with random code groups and a keyboard.
That is what intercept telegraphers did, and the result was that they could completely automatic decode on a keyboard, hearing to typing- and at the same time do just small-talk with their friends or co-workers.

Result: They type out but do not understand the text of a message. And without keyboard (a mill) they can't copy at all.

DJ1YFK as example: In high scores on this website you find:
codegroups figures 50 wpm
codegroups letters 50 wpm
codegroups mixed -
call signs 122 wpm
words 111 wpm
plain text 120 wpm
QTC (structured mixed) 72 wpm

Usually call sign copy is below words, but it is his speciality in training.

Posted: 2018-03-31 12:26
lcwo.net/forum/1034 posting of Lea de Boer?


Right, as everybody can see in my public profile, my learning curve is conforming your analysis.

Posted: 2018-03-31 22:43
I appreciate the comments, I was beginning to wonder if I had a mental issue preventing me from head copying code after a more than a year of nearly daily practice.

LCWO is a great tool. Unlike any other tools I've tried I have made real progress using LCWO.

Posted: 2018-04-01 13:38
All credits to DJ1YFK Fabian Kurz, who maintains delaying for moderation - when G8TMV is involved as moderator even often infinite - of my on topic postings.

Proposal for forum-crowd funding, on whatever way I cannot imagine, for this website because on May 23 2018 it exists 10 years, and all for free (that means payed out op the pocket by DJ1YFK) cuz TRANSTAAFL.

CW is an excellent mode to separate hams that just want to buy and need instant satisfaction without further effort, with on the other side hams that have a goal and fight for it in athe long term to reach it.

In short: people with a character the world needs, and a preselector for any conversation on ham bands. With CW you meet people that did it by perseverance.

Posted: 2018-04-03 04:41
Chairphone, I was looking for the PayPal donate button....

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