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Thread: Returning to increase speed

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Posted: 2018-03-26 17:22
After a break I am returning to try to increase my speed yet again, One of the main problems i have with work/family/other hobbies available is staying focused and commited to the practice.
I have had a few contacts on air but found it hard work at the speed I am (was) capable of and it was taxing to work people who were a little too fast for me to catch all of the QSO so I get anxious about missing parts which leads to me missing more.
That being said I love morse but realise it is my own damn fault for not putting the practice time in.
How do you others keep the practice up ?

Posted: 2018-03-26 20:45
I am (or at least I was) in much the same situation as yourself. 20+ years ago I went from knowing no code whatsoever to passing the UK test and a consistant 30wpm in just 5 weeks. Unfortunately, soon after passing the test my work/family life got in the way and I obviously didn't try hard enough to find the time to practice.

Fast forward to 2018. The kids have grown up and left home, work is still as manic as it ever was, but I practice here and on-air as and when I have a spare 5 mins. I personally stick to the same lesson until I've copied 100% 25 times before moving on, which depending on the amount of time I've had to spare, could take up to 3 or 4 days to complete.

Unfortunately the only solution is to practice whenever and as often as possible. 6 x 5 minute practice sessions are far far better than 1 x 30 minute and we can all find 5 mins per day to spare if we really try....can't we?

Posted: 2018-03-27 09:15
You are quite correct Alamo 5 minutes a day is not much to ask.
I sadly did the 12wpm test but everything I did was geared to passing at that speed and not continuing as "I will never use it after" if i could go back and slap myself i would !!! Bad practice methods and lack of motivation caused bad habits I am still trying to drop which of course hampers my speed.
I am now head copying whilst I walk the dog with an app on the phone and trying to have morse on in the background whilst I am on the pc at times just so I can pick out a few letters with my subconscious.
Speed and accuracy are my goals and that will only come with regular practice and perserverance.

Posted: 2018-03-27 09:50
As far as I understand you can copy 5 wpm plain morse code.
I suppose that you will be able to make QSO's between normal acceptable speeds between 12 and 20 wpm.

That means you have to be familiar with CQ abbreviations, most used Q codes and some prosigns like SK AR KN AS BK and SN.

Best thing, seems to me, is to exercise words on this website. Start with words 3 and 4 characters long, You can chose CW abbreviations Q codes and plain text words.
When you exceed 22 words correct out of a presented set of 25. increase the speed 1 wpm.

FORGET about subconscious learning, You also can't learn reading by covering your walls with newspapers as wallpaper.


Posted: 2018-03-27 13:09
Thanks for the tips, All advice is useful.
Perhaps subconscious is the wrong word to use, I meant I listen for brief periods whilst doing other things to pick out calls/words in the background. I tend to have the sdr on and click onto a signal who hopefully runs a few stations or is calling CQ just to grab as much information from the contact as I can.

Posted: 2018-03-31 05:55
Use a iPad or Table in bed every night. Pop in the ear buds and practice for 15 minutes or so before going to sleep. It find it to be the best quiet time.

Posted: 2018-03-31 11:34
I am the same as K1HMS I find the best time is when I am in bed with the lap top listening to ARRL recordings. If you are copying at 15 wpm mix in a few overs at 20 even 25 you will find you only get a few words but when you go back to 15 wpm it now sounds slow. I keep saying this but read the "Art and Skill of Radiotelegraphy" it is free online following the techniques in there makes learning code easy, 73 Rich G4FAD..

Posted: 2018-04-03 22:18
I admit the biggest obstacle to learning and being comfortable at speed is myself and the time I dedicate to practice.
At the moment I am practicing listening to live contacts on the radio, MP3 files and apps on the phone and here on LCWO. One can only hope for progress with such methods and with that, I will be back on the bands in a better frame of mind and more at ease.

Posted: 2018-04-04 12:47
You will not succeed as so many(read my lips, mark my words)
unless you change things immediately.

a) Do not talk about what you are going to do,
you spent much more time at conversation here than you did about doing and performing, when I read your progress

b)Do not messing around with ipad iphone and so on, it will result in over exposure a few weeks and after that nothing at all, because it is no fun anymore.

c) Make a fixed program for each 7 days in a week ONE exercise Words here. You may start with short words, take FIXED SPEED, copy in your head. when you are not sure repeat the word till you are sure and type it out. Publish your results (one mouse click in your profile) The "secret" of the success of AA and Weightwatchers is public shaming.

d) You MAY do extra exercises because you want that for your instant satisfaction right now, but COMPULSORY every and each day ONE Word exercise of 25 words on LCWO.
Missing one day because you had a car accident and was hospitalized, your dog dies, or whatever kutsmoes, Do the next day 3 exercises to compensate and publish your kutsmoes in order to stimulate that you really try to prevent that.
According to the successfull formula of AA and Weightwatchers.

Posted: 2018-04-04 16:41
Thank you for your time Theo, I am trying to make an effort to do a regular practice morning and night on here but have been concentrating on re running lesson 40 at a higher speed and am now going to be changing to words etc.
As far as I know my profile should be public already ?

Posted: 2018-04-15 23:08
Just an update to keep myself motivated and to let you know I haven't given up.
I can see improvement in my reaction times and speed with sticking to the practice and pushing myself more, Thank you all for the words and advice given.

Posted: 2018-04-16 15:42
Last 2 days you doubles your activity. Every day one exercise 25 words, copied in your head, no limit on word length and fixed speed, repetitiona allowed will do it.

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