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Thread: When to increase speed?

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Posted: 2009-06-13 08:08
Let's say my goal is to achieve 20 wpm effective speed. Which approach do you recommend to reach the goal?

1. Complete all the lessons at a comfortable speed like 10 wpm effective, then increase speed with Speed practice drills to reach 20 wpm.


2. Start each lesson at 10 wpm effective, then increase speed to 20 wpm before moving to the next lesson.


Posted: 2009-06-13 14:45
If you ask 10 "experts" about this, you'll probably get 11 opinions. I'd tend to recommend the first option. In general, do whatever you feel is comfortable for you. I don't think over-complicating things helps in learning CW :-)

good luck & 73,
Fabian DJ1YFK

Posted: 2009-06-25 02:11
I personally have enjoyed using the Koch method. Start at your desired speed, but start with only two characters. Gradually work in more characters. This help form a link between hearing a sound and writing a character. You can use the the Koch method on this website. It's great. 73s

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