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Thread: pro signs

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Posted: 2017-07-10 17:21
"=" is the "bt". Are there any other pro signs in this course? Thank you

Posted: 2017-07-10 20:18
"?" is "IMI"
"+" is "AR"

Posted: 2017-07-16 00:59
"?" is "IMI"
"+" is "AR"

That's punctuation . . .

prosigns really have their own idiomatic meaning, rather than being punctuation or abbreviation.

I think it comes from "procedural signals".

The two letter without a space is just a shorthand way of describing them . . .
. . . tho ironically for idioms, quite a few of the non letters seem to come directly from American morse.

I'm not so sure how many are part of lcwo's repertoire, but if you learn the letters then prosigns shouldn't cause you too much trouble . . .

Posted: 2017-07-16 13:20
My Elmer told me that prosigns are procedural signs, hence not part of the message to be transported but meant for the procedure to transport the message reliable, including signs for next line and form feed.

So K is a procedural sign when it is not part of the message but of the procedure in this case that you are going to listen and the other stn is invited to transmit. It is included in the course.

So K has to be included in the answer on the question of the topic starter

In fact when you transmit a question mark as part of the message you have to type on your mill a ?

However when you hear in the message IMI (same code) it means I repeat, and the repetition is not part of the message but an opportunity for the receiving stn to check obviously important info like they were receiving in NY aluminium IMI aluminium and typed out aluminum instead of aluminium . Hence a whole continent now mentions the metal aluminum instead of aluminium the original given name in Europe.

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