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Thread: learning block

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Posted: 2017-07-10 05:09
I have spent a lot of time in my life studying, and teaching. One thing I have learned is that everyone has a point where they just seem to not be able to learn past a certain point. I am probably going to spell this wrong but it is also called a platu of learning. It is a point where you feel that you can't move any further forward. This happens with learning cw. You will hit a point where the next character or word speed just stops your progress. Don't quit, stay where you are, and a miracle will happen...you will move forward again. I am there now at 16/16...15/15 I have down cold, but 16/16 I miss most of the characters. Don't give up..20 is not my goal just yet...just 16/16. Hardly anyone on the air expects you to be perfect, and most are very patient and helpful. 20 is down the road...Bob

Posted: 2017-07-10 08:57
Well Bob,

if you master 15/15 then quit learning and start doing QSOs. Nothing like learning on the band, and 15wpm is a fair speed.


Posted: 2017-07-10 18:03
test, I have 19 confirmed cw states, and 18 countrys..think I started about 30 yrs ago. just not real confortable with cw, because half of them are too fast for me.

Posted: 2017-07-20 21:45
Bob - Congratulations on staying with thee learning, and on getting on the air with CW. I've been licensed for over 52 years, and held the EXTRA class license since 1988. I loved CW when I had room to stay on the HF bands (antenna) and the time, too! I rarely used CW at speeds that were uncomfortable for me or the station I was trying to work. If I called CQ, I'd send slower than my optimal speed, and if answering I chose those who were sending fairly slowly, thinking I'd be a good catch for them, as they evidently were wanting to practice their CW skills. It's easier to speed up after establishing contact, than to slow down, but don't be afraid of requesting the other station slow the sending speed. And don't deny a request from the other station to either speed up or slow down. A successful contact means both parties are communicating! It's not life-or-death, after all, it's OK to have FUN as you learn and practice your radio art!


Posted: 2017-07-23 04:27
Thank you Ken. I loved your comments. Talked to a young fellow in Dayton tonight; and did just what you said. He never asked, but I could tell he was having trouble reading my 15 wpm..we finally got down to 10 and I could tell he was having lots of fun then..you are right it is suppose to be fun..Bob

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