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Thread: Online practice

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Posted: 2017-06-17 10:38
Hi, guys, do any of you use any websites to practice your morse-like like morsecode.me ? The site is good but tonnes of spam users ruining it for everyone.

This site LCWO to me is all about learning what you are hearing rather than practising your keying.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

Posted: 2017-06-18 13:46
My PERSONAL opinion:

Stop messing around with trying to send with a keyboard used as a key or a paddle.

Use a key or a paddle or a sideswiper. connect it to a Morse decoder or a tone generator and record your own transmission.
The decoder tells you what you actually sent and the recorder gives you an opportunity to decode your own transmission.

Traditionally the problem is DECODING Morse code not encoding. Keying = encoding: that is what you learn in an afternoon when you master decoding.

FIRST master decoding = receiving.

It is better to master decoding first such that you know how the sound/timing of the characters exactly is.
when you know that you hear your own timing errors.

Do NOT use those websites of which one of them you mentioned

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