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Thread: Problem keying long words

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Posted: 2017-06-03 22:08

i am learning Morse code since 2 years now and it is running ok for me. I'm recognizing up to 16 wpm and still improving. I'm keying with a MJE paddle and an ultra pico keyer. It works well with the typical abbreviations and when i key text from screen or a paper.

But as soon as i try to key a long word from my brain, then after ~3-4 letters i can either key something or find the next letter, but not in the same time. If i stop keying, people would think, the word has finished.

Did somebody hear about such a problem?
Does this improve by itself, if i go on?

Posted: 2017-06-04 15:15

You are still improving, so you certainly haven't hit your maximum yet, have you ??

Actually, up to a point, the faster you get, the more exercise you are getting from your practise time - which is how you speed up to beyond what you thought was humanly possible when you started off learning morse.

You are having issues with spelling.

Lots of us have this sort of issue.

Maybe you will always have this sort of difficulty - especially with words you don't use very often - but
probably you will get up to speed on all the word you use quite often however long . . .

I more x-mission, accuracy is more important than speed -

- so you could slow down for just the difficult words
- or write down the words ( maybe whilst it is your turn to listen )
just wizz through the word at normal speed reading the letters of your paper . . .

Posted: 2017-06-05 15:39
Hello Chris

Thanks for your answer.

> so you certainly haven't hit your maximum yet
I surely have not reached the limit. But in real life it improves slowely, maybe from 16wpm to >20wpm in one year, while my actual settings on LCWO are (24/20) and Morse Runner 28wpm.

> or write down the words
This will work with 1 word, but unfortunately not with a small talk. My hope is, once the keying works more automaticly, i can concentrate on the spelling. Until then it seems, QSOs are limited to just exchanging the minimum information.

Somebody else:
Sending OK if copy is in front of me. Running into spelling problems on ragchew.

Best regards,
Bernd, DF3DL

Posted: 2017-06-15 00:32

Experienced TV presenters still almost always use autoqueue.

You write it down and bash away to your hearts content Berndt.

You won't be able to avoid learning it if you wanted to . . .


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