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Thread: Is Morse code still attractive ?

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Posted: 2017-05-13 01:57
Hi all!

I wanted to talk about something you might be interested with:
The presence of Morse code in video games.

Currently, many countries want to abolish Morse code requirement from their Amateur Radio licenses. One could think that the practical of cw is dropping, especially among the young.

However, since a couple of years, the new generation have been listening (or seeing) Morse code in their video games.

That is the case of Battlefield, a war game, which has been doing a “buzz” with a mystery quest, where the player has to listen several messages in Morse, as a clue for the rest of the quest.
Link: http://www.pcgamer.com/battlefield-1s-morse-code-puzzle-has-been-solved-but-the-mystery-is-only-beginning/

It has been imitated by call of duty, as a part of a quest. Nevertheless, the challenge was easier than battlefield’s one.
Link: (see Step #5) http://gameranx.com/features/id/103727/article/infinite-warfare-shaolin-shuffle-the-complete-easter-egg-guide/

In 2015, it was another successful game, Keep talking and nobody explodes, which used Morse code. In this game, you have to be at least two: one has a bomb and have to describe it to his friend, who has the defusal manual. One of the hardest task for the player is defusing the Morse module.
Link: A little video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-FfYT5otjbE
The manual (Morse code in p13). http://bombmanual.github.io/english/

Eventually (with my examples), the post-apocalyptic game Fallout 3. Somewhere in the game, you can hear a signal. The cw is quicker than in the other game.
Link: A little video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bW1oCNC2KQ4

Consequently, I think that Morse code is still attractive.

73 !

Posted: 2017-05-13 15:15

Main thing is that Morse code is a cultural heritage. Think of the days a century ago, that essential worldnews was crossing the Atlantic ocean with the speed of ships. We, radio amateurs, have to keep this cultural heritage alive.

Recently more sophisticated communication methods are possible with less signalpower in noise BUT those require computing and advanced equipment.

However when in distress cases , Morse code proficiency can save lives. Preppers learn Morse code for that reason.

Play station designers, this website, ham radio and scouting try to inspire the youth to learn the code, in order to prevent that it dies with the present matured generation.

Finally: You can communicate with Morse code with 1 watt input. Easy to home brew in an Altoid tin. with the same speed of communication (due to required spelling out in SSB) with 1 kilowatt input phone in the same antenna.

Hopefully this message is not deleted by the frustrated moderator G8TMV Colin Tuckley.

Posted: 2017-05-14 09:35
Have a listen at 00:40 - Morse code in Battlefield 1 sounds like this:


Posted: 2017-05-14 11:54
Plain text morse code in Battlefield 4 at 00:15

,, and here some more in QRS:

Posted: 2017-05-14 12:17
.. and one more

Posted: 2017-05-14 14:34

Morse is quiet useful for naughty younger nerds to communicate in class without the teacher hearing, by using 18KHz + sound frequencies above most teachers hearing range.

There might be a business opportunity there for a piezo squeaker, because you don't want to have your cellphone confiscated because you were caught using an app in the classroom, if some elderly nerdy teacher solders up a frequency shifter with a microphone.

I suppose brushup is too old for this sort of antic, but maybe there is some sort of cultural / agist protection for squeaking citizenry under EU or Dutch law which could start something off there, or maybe appeal to pd0ldb Lea's anarchist inclinations to not be shut up by the authorities.

In the UK nerds don't seem to have much to squeak about as I recall . . .


Posted: 2017-07-23 05:06
I personally believe that it was a mistake to take the cw out of the Amateur radio exams. It has just turned ham radio into the chicken band (CB) with rules. I held a cb license and was governed by the FCC in the 60's. Now it is just a mess. If the FCC keeps making it easier and easier to become a ham..soon it will be just like CB...No rules..an no respect for others on it. If you listen to 7.200 LSB you will see it is heading that way.

Posted: 2017-07-23 20:35

I think it would be good to have even higher levels of study/exam

but "they" have decided to be:-

1/ inclusive - so minimum mathematics

2/ to de-regulate so as to not have a large enforcement bill for operating outrages etc
except for public complaints about TVI, "ugly" aerials



Perhaps brushup could go on a lecture tour ( after a brushup of the text books if necessary )

Posted: 2017-07-24 16:37
I didn't get my licesne when I was a kid because I couldn't pass the code test. I am learning CW because it works in situations where other modes do not, requires simpler gear, and is a fun archaic skill. The notion that hams were somehow smarter, more respectful, better operators because a test kept out the riff raff is nonsense. The way amateur radio operators behave is a reflection of how people in general behave. If self-centered behaviors are becoming the norm in amateur radio that's simply because they are becoming the norm in general.

Posted: 2017-07-26 02:41
I agree with you k7. Not smarter, but have more to loose, because it took a good bit of effort to get where they are. Anything that takes no effort to obtain these days is not appriciated. Case in point my neighbor just put a 50 inch flat screen tv out for the trash man. Not many years ago we would have had it repaired, because we couldn't afford to replace it. He is not, or at least I think, any better off than me. He told me it cost more to fix than replace; what is wrong with that picture??? It's a throw away.. right now world. They want what mom and dad took years to obtain..right now, without working for it. If licensing becomes just a formality for ham radio..they won't respect that either.

Posted: 2017-07-26 23:52
I guess you, KN4BTA, saved the TV out of the trash can and repaired it yourself?

It is obvious that in general guys that passed some examination, have the opinion that it was so difficult and they had so much luck, that they want to save that and disprove any simplication of the system.

When you buy a tranceiver and are even not able to read the manual, (not required because you caN ask on a forum or whatever) it has no sense to ask for whatever technical knowledge, except that you are able to tune the set (are you?) and the governmental regulations. Kind of same like a drivers license.

When the requirement should still be that they had to pass Morse code at at least 12 wpm, and have to prove to have enough knowledge to design and construct and repair their own equipment, those guys find that rediculous, because they never ever are able to meet those requirments.

No problem, you can drive a car when you pass the drivers test and show you know and apply the rules.

So with ham radio.

Posted: 2017-07-28 17:00
I have a too much integrity to respond to your BS. You should go on some of these knowledge based game shows..you could make lots of money.

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