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Thread: CW Skills Class - LESSON 2

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Posted: 2017-05-01 07:48
Hi, all.

Thanks to those of you who sent me updates on your progress. Many folks are still working on learning the basic characters, and others are building their speed and accuracy.

I want to start by pairing up folks for OTA (on the air) practice. Most of you who responded indicated that you have HF setups, and of course, those who are in San Diego can easily work each other on pretty much any band. I am going to suggest that you start on either 80 or 40 Meters – there is plenty of space on the CW sections of the bands, and you will be able to hear each other any time of day via NVIS and/or ground wave, even with only 5 or 10 Watts.

Station 1 Email 1 Station 2 Email 2 Approx. Speed (wpm)
K6BK k6bk@arrl.org
NN6R wzimmerman11@cox.net
W6ACU larose@shortwaves.com
W6HDG W6HDG@arrl.net
AF6JO danlisle@mail.com
NA6DC clugy@outlook.com
KQ6RS r55stan@gmail.com
KK6NON levibikely@gmail.com

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