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Thread: Too many excuses not enough action

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Posted: 2017-03-15 03:34
as you may know from posting hoo-ray I got my license back. on a fluke I checked yesterday with the fcc database to see if my paperwork had been processed. I was told that it was handeled by the arrl. I called the arrl who told me that they had been having trouble with their mail service, and I should call back today. I did, and now both they and the fcc are closed because of weather...talk about passing the buck. Nobody takes responsibility for their lack of action anymore; they just pass the buck to something or someone else. Not talking about the moderator of this site at all, ok? just get bummed sometimes with red tape. Got my hf rig, antenna tuner, power supply, antennas up, 2-meter set up, and shack organized; but no license still..our U.S. government at it's finest.

Posted: 2017-03-15 18:46
May be a good ideu to spent the by the autorities created spare time with starting learning for advanced?

Posted: 2017-03-19 04:55
I am sure you mean Extra...I passed the Advanced in 1990. It is ok anyway because I got my license confirmation the next day..If you don't bug people these days nothing will happen until they feel like it. I think it has to do with the generation after me thinking they should get paid even if the don't produce or contribute anything unless they are forced to.

Posted: 2017-03-19 08:33
не отображается статистика:(?
В настройках ставлю и убираю галку - нет изменений.

Posted: 2017-03-19 16:04
UA0LHS:Пить меньше водки

xkr4kg: I am not sufficient aquinted with the USA licencing system. sri. I estimate it WAS a good system.

I remember the lower parts of CW bands with QRQ signals of W and K stns. That was my incentive to reach that goal.

What I read sometimes "Can't wait" and after that the subject. that remembers me the situation when I was a child and was counting down the nights to sleep in order to get the "can't wait" subject of a birthday present or whatever.

Nowadays I am matured and using my time efficient, so hopefully the time spent on writing on his forum is positve used time.

I estimate it will be unless some anonymous Colin moderator is omitting it without any comment and reason.

Posted: 2017-03-23 09:21
Спасибо за ответ!
Да, согласен, вам нужно пить меньше водки.
Я водку не пью.
Всего доброго.
Помощи нет...

Posted: 2017-03-23 14:29
google translation of previous UA0LHS post :
Thanks for the answer!
Yes, I agree, you need to drink less vodka.
I do not drink vodka.
All the best.
There is no help ...

Posted: 2017-03-24 18:26
Bright F5EMR, Francois, to translate with Google.

However did UA0LHS get an answer on his question?

I try agn, hamspirit, maybe someone else can improve my answer.

Dear Andrej,

When you chose on this website items like speed. tone pitch, kind of audio player, language, you have to submit them. There is always a clickable knob on the page with the menu, to enter your desires, like speed, tone, language, and you name it.

However, you have a new question that QRM's the QSO on this thread (subject) also you do it in another language. That was the reason of the vodka question.

You can prevent this by opening a new thread for your question, that is not interfering with a running discussion, and another possibility when you are less proficient in English language, is to use the "user group" "Russian speaking users" on this website to ask your question. You can find it at http://lcwo.net/usergroups/4

Translation in Russion by google of this message follows here:"
Яркий F5EMR, Франсуа, чтобы перевести с Google.

Однако UA0LHS получил ответ на свой вопрос?

Я стараюсь agn, hamspirit, может быть, кто-то другой может улучшить мой ответ.

Уважаемый Андрей,

Когда вы выбрали на этом сайте такие предметы, как скорость. Тональный диапазон, вид аудиоплеера, язык, вы должны их отправить. На странице с меню всегда есть кликабельная кнопка для ввода желаний, таких как скорость, тон, язык, и вы называете это.

Тем не менее, у вас есть новый вопрос, что QRM в QSO на эту тему (тему) также вы делаете это на другом языке. В этом-то и был вопрос о водке.

Вы можете предотвратить это, открыв новую тему для своего вопроса, которая не препятствует запуску обсуждения, и другая возможность, когда вы менее компетентны в английском языке, - это использовать «пользовательскую группу» «русскоязычных пользователей» на этом веб-сайте задавай вопрос. Вы можете найти его на http://lcwo.net/usergroups/4

cs2 (ex-cs now [deleted] by webmaster

Posted: 2017-04-08 09:56
Сейчас всё работает.

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