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Thread: MorseMachine Effective WPM

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Posted: 2017-02-11 01:49
This topic may have been discussed before, but I find the Effective Speed (wpm) somewhat confusing.
When I am typing doing "current speed" (aka character speed) @ 25, I can get the Effective Speed up to around 9.3, maybe 9.5. But if I mistype a couple of characters like hitting 7 when I wanted to hit 6, the Effective speed will go up because I hit the 6 very quickly.
Looking at the webcode, it appears that the effective is looking at how many keys were hit (sessioncharcount) from the first key to the last key but doesn't seem to punish me for a bad key press... But I'm no expert in HTML.

In any case another metric that might be interesting is the time it took to get the last 10, 20, 100.. whatever, characters correct.

Just random thoughts from someone trying to break 15 effective at 25 character speed.

BTW. Love this site. Thank you so much.

Posted: 2017-06-01 03:11
I don't get it either. 25 wpm no mistakes, but never get above 6. More of a typing test than a speed and accuracy test.

Posted: 2017-06-02 11:40
As far as I understand Morse machine produces a character and measures the time you react. So the effective speed is a measure of your reaction time.

With effective speed E in wpm, your reaction time R=18/5E s

Your reaction time is build up of two parts,
the physical reaction time between hearing a sound and pressing a fixed key. let say 0.4 s
and the translation time in your mind, which may be approaching zero, when you are Morse proficient.

With Morse machine it is not possible to exercise the essential pipelining in your brain. (typing characters 5 or six letters behind the receiving moment.)

That is the reason I never used Morse machine.

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