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Thread: All the experienced user please come in and help!!!

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Posted: 2017-01-24 08:26
Hello! I am a new-learner of morse code. When I am doing lesson 2, I set the exercise by default (Current parameters: Character Speed = 20 wpm, Effective Speed = 10 wpm, Tone = 800 Hz, Start delay (seconds): = 0 seconds ).

After starting the exercise for 30 sec, my brain starts to get numb and to differentiate the characters become hard. I score 100% correct in the first 2/3 of the exercise, but I could hardly catch up in latter time.

If you have experienced situations like mine, please leave a comment. I would want to know the solution. Thank you all in advance!

Posted: 2017-01-24 10:27
Been there.

It is the concentration and becoming tired after 2/3 of exercise.

Do the exercise with speeds 20 and 3.
When you do that with success go over to 20/5
When that becomes really easy do 20/8 or 20/10.

Another possibility is do the whole course at 20/5, that is much faster, you arrive then earlier at a point where you can communicate slowly in Morse code. and after completing the course start it all over again at 20/10

Posted: 2017-01-25 13:37
I know what you feel I had the same :D
All I can say, stay with the 20/5 and do the whole 40 lessions. I am at 23 and it is still so hard not to forget almost 2-3 chars from before. But as you keep up the practice they will come back with the new one. When I finish I will start from the beginning with something faster I mean 20/8 for example. Sri fer my English :)

Posted: 2017-01-25 14:44
Going down to 20/4 and vary between MorseMachine and the Lessons helped me move forward. Good luck!

Posted: 2017-01-26 08:38
From my experience after friendly people on this forum helped me with, go down to 20 4 and from there up. New character start with 20-4 or 20-3 and up again. That works. Succes.

Posted: 2017-01-30 04:20
I suggest you keep going at your original speed because I think over time your concentration ability will increase. As you become more skilled you will relax a bit and concentration will not be so much of a struggle. Also, you mention that you can hardly "catch up". I suggest that you not worry about catching up when you miss one or a few letters - just let them go and work on the next one. I sometimes miss the first couple of letters of a group so I just focus on the next one and keep writing them down. If I only get the last 3 characters of a group, say I get UUT, I just type into the box UUUUT for grading purposes (just repeat characters, don't even worry about guessing). I think this is a better solution than changing the speeds - the point of this method is to create a reflex between hearing the sound and writing a letter. Creating more space between letters is giving you time to think, and that's not what this learning method is about. Just trust the method and do what it says, repeat if below 90% and go on to next lesson when better than 90%.

Posted: 2017-01-30 14:57
I think it depends upon how much progress you feel you are making.

You learn by repetition . . . i.e.

hear morse code -> think character
repeat repeat repeat

If you miss a few characters because you are going too fast then

you hear no association -> you learn nothing that time

People's speed at picking up morse decoding seems to vary by a huge amount; over 50:1 in terms of time.

A fast learner may report getting to 25wpm in two weeks, a "slower learner" 9 if that's the term ) may never get above 20wpm however long they practice.

I don't think advice from faster learners
really has any effect on someone who is at the bottom end of the scale ( eg. me )
other than to dishearten them because they don't seem to make much noticeable progress.

I hate to imagine what the give-up rate is from people who don't see progress and just loose interest . . .


Posted: 2017-01-30 19:31
I suggest you keep going at your original speed because I think over time your concentration ability will increase. As you become more skilled you will relax a bit and concentration will not be so much of a struggle. .

As a matter of fact, on this website is adviced 20/10

For the average student the progress is in that case very slow and as statistics show he/she will give up and quit.

Alternative is 20/4 In that case you can do the course much faster, hence it is less frustrating and after finishing you are able to make some QRS QSO's. Time to repeat the course with 20/8 and doing your qso's wide spaced at 20 or regular at 8 wpm. When finished 20/15 and finally 20/20.

With 20 wpm regular spaced, you are not handicapped in any way, it was the regular speed of coastal stations sending their daily news bulletins from shore to ships.

A ham able to copy 20 wpm is OK, only freaks, just as I am, try to reach higher levels. Stupid behavior, I know, because I can better write a book or designing, constructing and publishing ham-equipment, because the moment I pass away all Morse proficiency is gone.

However, I hate to ask for QRS

Posted: 2017-01-31 14:17
How freak are you? I mean how fast would you like to copy? :)

Posted: 2017-01-31 18:10
How freak are you? I mean how fast would you like to copy? :)

70 wpm which I copied in the past after training, plain text machine (=keyboard) generated.
(Just like you read printed text much faster then handwriting, due to "fists")

Posted: 2017-01-31 19:20
OMG. For me it would sounds like just a continous beeeeeeep :D from the beginning to the end...

Posted: 2017-02-02 12:58
A big thanks to all of you

Posted: 2017-02-14 20:59
I was having the same problems so I went down to 20/5. at least I could make progress that way! I plan to go back and redo them all at a higher WPM after finishing everything at 5.

Posted: 2017-02-15 19:53
I would read this as a beginner. Will help understand what you're doing

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