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Thread: Speed 15/8

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Posted: 2016-09-30 17:07
I started today with 20/10 and finished first two lessons. Now on lesson 3 I lowered the speed to 15/8 as I really have a problem with k and r. I don't know why, they are so different, but I just have. :)

Is speed 15/8 fine for learning? Will I have problems later to speed it up a little? I do not have great goals, but I do want to practice it.

Posted: 2016-10-01 13:08
You need to keep the character speed 15+ so that you hear the each character as a single entity rather than separate dits and dahs.

The gap between each character needs to be long enough to allow your decoding to keep up with the sequence of characters.

Try 20/5 (if necessary) until you know all the letters, then speed up.

Also look at the pitch of the sound of the code, because your ears won't have a flat response.

I find it easy to read morse at some sound pitches but difficult 100Hz away.

Some people report learning the whole morse alphabet in 2 days and reaching 25wpm in a week or so.

Other people take months to soak up just a-z ( me ).

IMNSHO the difference is likely to be mainly attributable to the ear's response, rather than the brain's speed of learning - if you can't hear the characters easily you won't easily remember them.

Be careful of fatigue.

Your hearing may tire quite quickly, a process which is not always obvious.

This will halt the "learning process" whilst you grow increasingly frustrated trying harder and harder to keep up - just making things worse.

Try the "a little, often" approach e.g. download some morse mp3 files to your phone and play them through a headset a few times a day for 5 mins. at a time.

You are trying to repeat the process of decoding letters (and later sequences of letters) so many times that it becomes an habitual process rather than you having to think about it.

This can take quite some time, but is worth it in the end.

DON'T give up, change something - speed, pitch, headphones, wave envelope.

enjoy ( I won't wish you good luck )


Posted: 2016-10-27 18:18
same for me;
try lower sound ( 500 Hz).
I do not know if it is placebo, but K sounds like
dadida at lower hz
and diididii at higher.
Sorry for my bad english.

Posted: 2016-10-28 16:33
Forget previous message,
it is not placebo, it is alzheimer.
I'm using app on my phone ( http://www.iz2uuf.net/wp/index.php/2012/07/02/koch/ ) too
and I forgot that it can set dot higher than dash ( and I had done it).

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