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Thread: Effective Speed Too Fast Here?

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Posted: 2016-05-17 14:25
Great site been a big help in learning code. Our local testing standard is 15 wpm character speed and 5 wpm effective speed.

I read the word PARIS is the standard to check code speed. Simply count the number of times it can be sent spaced in one minute, that is the wpm speed.

In the "Covert Text to CW" module I typed PARIS 8 times and set a character speed of 15 and an effective speed of 5. It takes just under a minute to play indicating a 8 wpm speed.

Does that mean the effective speed here is playing too fast?

Posted: 2016-05-27 13:39

In my opinion the answer is NO.

The speed to send the characters is still 15wpm and not 5. You just add spaces but the word PARIS is still sent by 15wpm

If you do the test with 15x PARIS you should end up with 60seconds

Posted: 2016-05-29 14:19
Thanks Johan.

If the character speed equals the effective speed then all is correct here.

But, if the effective speed is slower than the character speed then this site plays too fast.

I downloaded the ARRL's 5wpm practice files then compared to CW generated here with the same text. The ARRL files use a 15wpm character speed and then space for 5wpm effective speed.

You will see the character speed is the same, but spacing here is too small and results in a much faster effective rate.

Maybe Fabian will comment ?

Posted: 2017-05-15 22:02
I know this is a year old thread, but I just discovered this same error as well. If you put in 5WPM effective speed (20WPM character speed), on the Convert to text you actually get 10WPM!
If the author is around, they should look at:

Posted: 2017-05-16 09:40
Alberta is right. The character speed is the undistorted character itself. BUT the definition of the effective speed is not everywhere the same.

HERE on this website it is the speed of the pause between the characters. Only the space between the characters is lowered to the effective speed.

Another definition used elsewhere in off line programs and at the ARRL is that the effective speed is the overall speed, So the numbers of words PARIS separated by longer spacings between characters and words.

Hence when you play PARIS PARIS 15/5 on this website you get the characters at 15 wpm and the spaces between characters and between words at 5 wpm, so 3 times longer as they ought to be.

You don't need to be a retired gate keeper of the University of Cambridge to be able to figure out that

the average morse throughput (number of PARIS words per minute)when the character speed is C and the on this website used definition of effective speed is E

is 50.C.E/(31E+19C)

Hence 15/5 is 8,52 words PARIS per minute

Posted: 2017-05-16 09:44
in your example C=20 and E=5 the formula yields for the average speed 9.35 wpm, so more than 9 words PARIS per minute.

Posted: 2017-05-19 00:44
Nicely done brushupCW! I ran through the math and verified your result. I have seen this same 'definition' used on other sites. Ham Morse app seems to be different still, not sure what it is doing. 10 WPM (effective) gives about 12.5 WPM with 20WPM character speed. (Here you would get 15WPM). However it is difficult to test since you can't enter in text of your own to test.

Posted: 2018-05-11 15:42
In North America most accept the ARRL practice timings as a standard.

It would be nice to have an 'ARRL standard' option on this site so the effective speed matches the ARRL practice timings for code under 15wpm.

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