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This is a simple discussion forum for LCWO users. Feel free to use it for any kind of discussion related to this website.

Thread: Anybody want to chat?

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Posted: 2015-06-10 18:33
I've found an online morse chat system rather like the one Fabian envisaged for this site one day. It's at http://www.morsecode.me and I'd love to chat with any other LCWO users over there who'd like to have a go and practise with me.

My morse isn't very fast yet but I've found with very little glancing at the cheat-sheet I can get some basic chatting going on. It's a little treat after all the hard work on here to actually use it to talk to someone!

Fabian - I'd hate to drag anyone away from this site but I hope that, like me, it'll remain their primary source of learning and just pop over to the "other place" for practising. Feel free to delete this thread if you don't like it.

VY 73 to all my fellow codelearners!

Posted: 2015-10-24 23:04
I'm at morsecode.me every now and then. It's fun. Not very crowded and there aren't much useful conversations but I enjoy it nonetheless.

It has a bit of lag, sending is hard, but fun.

Posted: 2016-08-19 22:05
..sounds worth going there and have a look.

for me lcwo.net with its training features remains nr 1 when training solo, when trying to have qso via internet "morsecode.me" sounds similiar to "cwcom"- also not crowded and always nice to morse via internet.

73 guy

Posted: 2017-07-23 05:51
what a pos, can't figure out how to get into it and you couldn't send 15 wpm if your life depended on it..at this sight.

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