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Thread: what frequency should I zero beat to?

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Posted: 2015-06-04 17:28
I live in the US on the west coast and am just trying to get into CW. I have an ft-817 which produces a tone to zero beat to by pressing and holding the home button. That tone is set to 700 Hz by default. But, when I looked around at software to practice CW, I've seen the frequency set to many different tones some as high as 1000 Hz. Is there a "standard" zero beat tone and what is it?

Posted: 2015-06-05 21:55
My 746Pro has a CW pitch knob so I get to decide what's comfortable. 650Hz is comfortable for me. What I do to determine correct frequency is put my key in the mode so break-in is off so keying it makes the tone but nothing is transmitted. I then align the tone I produce with the tone of the station I'm listening to. That may not answer your question but might still be helpful.

Posted: 2015-06-06 09:39
You'll find lots of opinions on CW pitch. The default value for most radios is 700Hz or 800Hz, but it's merely a question of personal preference and hearing capability. "The art and skill of telegraphy" recommends a lower frequency of about 500Hz, and even lower for those with hearing deficiencies.

Posted: 2015-06-08 12:14
Rigs generally default to something between 600 and 700 Hz, but the pitch you choose should be one you are comfortable with. It's a very personal thing, and there is no standard. I have my rigs (and LCWO exercises) set to somewhere between 400 and 450 Hz, depending on how much control they give. Keep the volume as low as you can comfortably hear, too.

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