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Thread: CW Low Speed Contest????

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Posted: 2015-04-26 16:22
Listening to one of the CW contests I am surprised about the enormous speeds.
Impossible for beginners like us to participate in such a contest.

Time for beginners, starters, learners, cw noobs to stand up and claim our own contest. The low speed contest. And be honest isn't it a bigger challenge for beginners to make a connection with straight key or paddle, in stead of experienced cw-ers using their computer?

A contest where;
--> it is normal to ask for QRS, AGN or ? and get an answer.
--> it is not important how many contacts you made, but that you made contacts.
--> you do not have to be afraid to frustrate other hams
--> you meet other beginners.

Are there more LCWO users who like this idea or am I the only one.
When there is sufficient response I will start organising one.

Please respond to this idea.

73 regards
PA3JEM, Johan

Posted: 2015-04-26 17:44
Johan, the contest exchanges are highly standardized, you can look them up on sites like http://www.hornucopia.com/ to know what to expect.

What I usually do is listen for a while until I got the calling stations callsign right, and if the exchange involves a serial nummer, also listen for previously given numbers. I then dare to make a call (either with my paddle or from my memory keyer if the other guy is really fast), and if my callsign comes up - which I can identify even at 35 wpm - send my exchange sequence, usually something like 5nn 001 or so. You should know a few often used words like agn or nr? at high speed, but that's about it. A contest is much easier than a clear text conversation. If you were refering to today's HB contest, the HB9 station's exchange would be 5nn (the abbreviated signal report) and a two letter province code, the list of which is given in the contest rules.

Andreas F4GFT

Posted: 2015-04-28 21:16
Hi Johan.
Hear on the band for the EUCW-QRS-week unti 01.05.15
Vy73 Fritz hb9csa,dl4fdm

Posted: 2015-04-29 10:57

yes, yesterday good activity in QRS week , suggest you give it a try.

As to contesting for beginners - some ideas from when I started CW contesting (had the same problem)
-> Listen to running stations (that call CQ in contests) until you have the call sign and the exchange, then try to answer to them in your speed.
-> In the beginning did 100% S&P and this kept me busy
-> Choose "slow" times. In a 48h contest this is the second day, in a 24h contest (like Field Day) this is the night - after midnight.
-> Contest stations will do what they can to get you into their log. But some simply do not know how to slow down CW speed (do not know TRX or log program).
-> ZAP traffic around AGCW weekly bulletin can be a good excercise for you and fun. Log in before bulleting, check out after bulletin, all in your speed
-> Try running (call CQ) in a contest at your speed, or even better, a bit slower. Be brave and ask "agn" when you do not understand call sign and exchange
-> Visit neighboring OMs or contest groups, they can usually use help before and during contest, and you may listen with a 2nd pair of head sets during contests.



Posted: 2015-05-22 12:34
I like the idea. Learning on 25 speed. Have to ask a lot of times "????"

Did S&P in contest. Way to fast.

73's PD3OES ex PD0NMF

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