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Thread: Lesson 32

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Posted: 2015-01-20 18:16
I have some how made it to lesson 32. All of a sudden I am missing more letters than I ever have. My mind is just going blank. I use 20/8. I know it is slow and will need to be speeded up in time but what has happened. Is anyone else having this problem??? What did you do. Is this a normal thing.

Posted: 2015-01-20 19:34
I had the same when they introduced A (lesson 8 or something?) - it took 4 days for it to come back and then I flew through the next few lessons.

It's stress probably - are you trying to guess what letter comes next rather than rely on your reaction? It's no harm to hit "x" and wait for the next rather than try and think what letter it was...

I know I'm way behind you, but my experience may still help, hope it does.

Posted: 2015-01-20 19:38
PS - I'm at 16/10 - does that mean the gaps between the groups are longer? I'm not sure how my character speed is lower but my eff. speed is higher?

Posted: 2015-01-21 06:40
I have thought about slowing it down myself, but then it sounds very different to me. I do not think it would help me at this point.
I think it may be so many dot's. My mind is getting confused a bit.


Posted: 2015-01-23 02:38
Patience, Grasshopper, patience. Persevere, practice, and relax. No, no, relax faster than that! :)

Actually, the same thing happened to me on Lesson 31. I decided that I had flown through a couple of the lessons too fast, so I went back to lesson 27 for some review work, then worked back up to lesson 31. I'm still missing lots of letters, but I'm getting better. And I'm becoming more patient as I go.

You're doing better than I in speed, too. I'm at 20/5. Just can't get the letters copied any faster. Yet.

Cheers from Darkest Saskatchewan!

Posted: 2015-01-23 04:23
Interesting. After my reply, I went to lesson 32 to see what the next character is (Spoiler: it's the questinon mark). Then I forgot to set it "back"to lesson 31, and yes, I'm having trouble too. But it's not tht bad. The question mark is the exact opposite of the comma (Reverse? Negative comma??), and I'm having trouble distinguishing the number of dits in Hs and 5s. But I'll keep trying and I know I WILL ge it.

It's not rocket science; it's fun, and it's a new language. It's bound to be difficult sometimes.

--,,, ,,,-- --,,--
-, , ,, ,-,,

Posted: 2015-01-23 20:18
I looked up my records and noted that 32 was tough for me too - but not as tough as 38. I think these occasional setbacks are just something we have to deal with.

Posted: 2015-01-24 13:15
What i Always did (and do sometimes), is that i go back a few lessons, like Neil said, and if required i go back in speed a bit.
After that i work my way to that specific lesson witch gives me some difficulties, and go on with that lesson untill i can recognise the sound of that sign.
Once i got that, i go back again, speed up to the speed i used before, and do the same thing again but at higher speed.
You repeat that as much as you think you need to.
Morsecode can be fun, but sometimes it gives you the creeps.
Keep your head up, and go on practicing; practice makes perfect !!
You can do it!

Posted: 2015-01-26 05:45
And now I'm having trouble on Lesson 32. :/

It's temporary - I know that. I had very little trouble with a few of the lessons just before this one; 3 and 8 were numbers that din't give me any hassle at when they were introduced, so I didn't stop long on those lessons. The / slash gave me fits for a few repetitions, then it got easy. Now it's hard to remember amid all the others. Practice, practice, practice, and more practice. And maybe ONE small serving of schnapps to celebrate good results when they do occur. Then practice some more. :)

We're having FUN, dammit!

Posted: 2015-01-26 11:42
When i practice at higher speed ( morsemachine at 26 wpm) than i have some difficulties with the H and 5. But that's just a small problem :)
When i am practicing lesson 40, i have the problem that i have to start over again after 5 or 6 signs ... wich is frustrating.
And i don't want to practice at lower speed; the lower the speed, the more problems i have copying what is send ...

Posted: 2015-03-24 06:37
I think I've figured out why Lesson 32 is such a pain: it's the shift key. In order to get to the question mark, we have to use the shift key and hit the slash. Brain says the slash isn't what it just heard, the fingers rebel, and LCWO promptly leaves me behind.... Grrr.

Posted: 2015-03-24 15:24
Then I'm glad that on the German keyboard, there are only three characters which need the shift key: Lesson 16, Lesson 24 and Lesson 32. :-)

Posted: 2015-03-25 06:12
Guten Tag:
Then *I* am even more glad that I'm working in English, since there's only one character that needs the shift key. :-)

Not that I'm bragging, of course. I would love to be able to speak German - not necessarily German CW - I'm just interested in languages.

Cheers from western Canada, my friend - where it's snowy. Again. :(

Posted: 2015-04-07 12:33
Guten Tag:
Then *I* am even more glad that I'm working in English, since there's only one character that needs the shift key. :-)

LOL (==hi)you made my day!

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