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Thread: Newbie

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Posted: 2015-01-06 16:52
Hello everybody,
I'm learning this bloody code because I'm going to take my license soon....I'm on second lesson and it's already difficult to me... Maybe I'm wrong with my approach...In the middle of the sequence, my brain derives to new land! LOL!!! So, do you have some advice to give me?...
Thanks a lot for your precious advice.

Posted: 2015-01-06 21:14
This bloody code is torturing everybody's brain! To which kind of lands does your brain derive to?

The advice would be to persevere and not give up, but seeing that you are here since over three years now, that's probably not going to be a problem for you. :-)

Posted: 2015-01-08 14:00
Welcome Alex,

Yeh, Radio Hams seems to enjoy hurting their brain. I had the same problem at the start. It al about perseverance. I am busy learning cw for a year now and I am almost there. I used mainly the MorseMachine, but in my opinion its personal preference what you prefere.

Don't give up, every start is difficult.
73 de PA3JEM

Posted: 2015-01-09 18:52
Welcome to the madness, fellow "Newbie:"
Persevere, stay at a level until you're comfortable with it; you're learning a new language and have to learn to get the message from your ears to your fingers. Don't get frustrated even if you repeat level 3 200 times. I've had to go back a few levels to reiforce some characters, and I REFUSE to be intimidated by this bloody code, because I'm determined to have fun with it, even if it kills me. ;)
--... ...-- / -.. . / ...- . ..... ... -.-. .-

Posted: 2015-01-11 18:25
It supposedly takes 10 000, or ten years, hours to master a skill. Josh Kaufman says it should take about 20 hours, though to lern enough to use a skill: see http://www.forbes.com/sites/danschawbel/2013/05/30/josh-kaufman-it-takes-20-hours-not-10000-hours-to-learn-a-skill/2/

Howeer, 20 hours, divided into one-minute segments, is 7200 repetitions of LCWO exercises. If you decide that examining your results for a minute is included in each repetition, that's still 3600 one-minute exercises.

I'm up to 848 repetitions. Time to stop watching youtube videos and researching how long I should need to practice, and actually start practicing again.

For a break, and to see how well you're doing, look at http://www.skccgroup.com/member_services/learning_center/. The the Straight Key Century Club, and they offer plain text in CW. You could listen to Jabberwocky, the War of the Worlds, and other text in CW!

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