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Thread: Typing test or learning CW?

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Posted: 2009-03-07 00:25
How do others handle typing skills that cannot keep up with the trainer output? Right now I can score 100% almost every time with the code coming at 20WPM character speed, but only 5-8 word speed. My typing cannot keep up with the output at say 20/10 or above.

So, is it a valid learning experience to set the character speed at 20 and the word speed at a much lower (5-8wpm) rate?

Posted: 2009-03-07 16:00
Hi George,

I think it is not a problem to use a relatively low effective speed but fast characters. Instant recognition of the characters, without counting dits and dahs is crucial and much easier at high character speeds. So I'd just continue the way you do it.

Eventually, your typing rate may increase a little from the practice on LCWO, but don't sweat it. Once you'll be proficient in CW, typing gets less and less important, and you'll move towards head copy..

73, Fabian

Posted: 2009-03-08 00:07
Thanks Fabian, that's pretty much what I figured.

The characters sound more "defined" or "recognizable" (best way I can put it at higher speeds (20-30 wpm character speed) and I can head copy most of transmissions up to about 12-15 wpm.

I doubt if my typing speed will ever catch up to head copy speed--but as you say, I won't sweat it.

73, George K0CNT (Back on the air as soon as a replacement power supply arrives)

Posted: 2009-03-09 07:43
how about learning touch typing for lcwo input?
I had the same problem - learned it in a month with customized CW code groups (started with code groups containing asdf jklm, then added addtl letters two at a time). Skipped classical touch typing tutors since I don't need the shift key for lcwo.

Can now focus on CW rather than typing or deciphering my handwriting...



Posted: 2009-03-09 15:58

I tried handwriting the lessons, then spent head-scratching time trying to decipher the scribbles, same as you.

I'm a fair typist (ex-large-computer-application engineer), but what happens is that if I don't immediately recognize a cw character, I pause, trying to remember what it was and by the time my head says "Oh yeah-that's what it was," the program has moved on and I loose the rhythm.

But, in my overall progress, my wpm rate is slowly climbing. I especially like the plain text, word and call sign training. Fabian has done a great job of making cw learning fun.

73, George K0CNT (the replacement power supply should arrive today! Maybe I'll be able to get back on the air with the FISTS)

Posted: 2009-03-16 23:43

Could you copy onto paper and then type in to check your results?


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