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Thread: MorseMachine: does speed improve?

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Posted: 2014-09-20 16:35
Hello everybody,
I used MorseMachine as I like the idea that the progess with new letters is adjusted to my skill level.

I am just curious. Does MorseMachine reduce the break between the single characters? I do not want to change the speed of the single characters. Only reduce the gap between them. But I did not find how to do this. And the break seems rather long to me.

I compiled the original morse machine to investigate its behavior. It should increase speed during learning progress. But not much.

Maybe I am wrong, but can it be that the delay between two characters is cause because the mp3 file for each character is transmitted individually before the character can be heard?

Is it possible to buffer these single character mp3 data to improve speed?

Thanks a lot

1st: for this website
2nd: for MorseMachine (which i really like)
3rd: for your answers.



Posted: 2014-09-27 23:07
Hello Karl-Heinz

as far as I see, the speed between characters depends on your internet-speed.
If I have a fast connection, there is nearly no break between pressing the correct character and playing the next -- but with slow connection I've to wait too.

Try an other "CW Player" in "CW-Parameter", that might help.


Posted: 2014-09-28 11:21
Hello Vinz,

thank you for the hint to change the cw player.

I used HTML 5 for Iceweasel/Linux. I tried embbeded mp3 and Flash. embedded mp3 was no alternative. With Flash I can see that speed varies according to my response time. However, the maximum word per minute rate does not exceed 3 wpm currently. I cannot say whether my internet access limits the speed. A ping to google reveals 700 ms for one ping on average.



Posted: 2014-09-28 23:21
Hello Karl-Heinz,

if I use MorseMachine I can't get faster than 5.x. But I think thats because I'm slow.

I'm happy with the setting "Alternativer Flash-Player" at the moment.

It's normal that you are slower in MorseMachine than in nomal CW, because normaly you can listen to the next caracter while you type. And if I have to think about one character, I often type a full series at once.

I've a realy slow internet here (the cheapest), but my google is only 27ms away.
Maybe you do a http://www.speedtest.net and compare to what you pay every month.


Posted: 2014-09-29 20:28
Hello Vinz,

it is good to know that even with a good internet connection the upper limit of Morse Maschine is in the order of magnitude between 3 - 5 signs per minute at the moment.

It might be a suggestion for future improvements of Morse Maschine to differentiate between learning new signs and improving speed.

As far as I see, currently it is only evaluated if a sign is right or wrong. I would include a feature which evaluates also which sign was given as the wrong answer. For example, I had a hard time to learn to differentiate z and 8 or v and 4 at 20 signs per minute and above. So the frequency of the not correctly indentified and ALSO the frequency of the wrongly answered code should be increased for the next training sequence (same idea like in vocabulary learning).

Concerning improving speed a statistics could be used, which counts the number of wrong letters over a certain time. If the recognition rate is better then let's say 90 % then the speed is increased. First the break duration of the "Farnsworth timing" is reduced, then the speed of the code is increased. For me it was hard to switch from Farnsworth timing to "1:1 timing".

I am not sure whether I could express what I think clearly enough. Maybe, if Fabian follows this thread and if he has answers to understand what I mean, he could contact me directly.

To improve speed a kind of 5-letter-grouping might be a good idea (mental and transfer buffering would be possible that way).

But I already love, how lcwo is implemented yet ! It helped me a lot to improve my cw capabilities. Thank you Fabian!

All the best


Posted: 2014-10-04 13:22

I'm using alternativ Flash, normal WLAN, Notebook and not my normal Keyboard and I've got MM up to 6 during last minutes. Both speeds set at 25 WpM.

73, Mike, DF2OK

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