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Thread: V

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Posted: 2014-08-26 01:39
The V has completely messed me up. It is so close to so many others. How long has it been taking you to get past this one. I am now a bit frustrated. It is the worse one yet.

Posted: 2014-08-26 09:51
I'm beginning to get this déjà vu feeling. :-)


Posted: 2014-08-26 11:50

V is an often used character, Just as opening of a transmission, a series of v is transmitted.

Possibly to pull attention, to shake the dust of the sounders and to adjust the telegrapher mentally to the used speed of the following transmission. May also be to recognize by eye a message separation on a paper tape

After all, I should like to read your struggle with all characters in ONE forum thread. Perhaps you will be so kind to write next messages in the same thread, it will be automatically kicked up to the top of the list.

You also can create your own fan club, by opening a User Group (see top line on this screen for selection) Make it public and I will be your first fan. You have then your own sub forum and are able to make conversation in as much new threads as you like to create.

Possibly when you feel messed up, it may be an advice to lower your effective speed, till you can copy it. And after that slowly increase the effective speed of that lesson, up to the speed you are used to exercise.

Posted: 2014-08-26 12:52
Hi Lynn,

keep practicing, you are on right way.
Remember Beethoven's Fifth ...-
It is harder and harder to get 90 %, IMHO.


Posted: 2014-08-28 15:47
I also messed up in the beginning.
Made the mistake between the U and the V.
But with a lot of practice, the problem was solved.
And yes, it becomes more difficult as soon as you start using a higher speed.

Posted: 2014-08-28 22:34
I have pretty well got the V down now. I have not had to just listen to the V but also write it down like a check mark. I copy everything on paper and when writing so fast I at times could not see a difference between the U and the V. Hand writing. So I have had to think about both, learning a new letter and a new way to write it down. It works for me. At least I know which is which for sure. I never mix them up now. I am happy with 20 and 8 so I do not want to change the speed. Perhaps if I can learn all 40 I will then try to move the 8 up higher. Giving up is something I do not want to do. I do not know how anyone could say this is easy to learn. I see so many people that have been on hear so long. I have heard so many others on the radio that have said they have tried to learn CW and just cannot learn it. This is such a great sight to work with and the people for the most part have been helpful. Thank you all.

Posted: 2014-09-03 12:21
I am one of those who have been learning for a very long time (years!) and it took me a long time to get over mixing up some of the letters and I still do. (F & L being 2 of them). It was a struggle each lesson to reach 5% error rate. Finally I have finished all 40 lessons a few months ago, and have been going on a beginners net for a little sending, and receiving standard QSO's. I decided to go back to the lessons (re-started at lesson 10) and re-do them at a higher speed (20/12), and I am very surprised that I can actually go through a lesson with only one or two mistakes (which I know I did), so I really have made progress. So I will keep progressing again through the lessons, until I reach lesson 40 again with minimal mistakes, and then perhaps increase the speed again.

Posted: 2014-09-03 13:10
Best thing you can do is lower now the 20 to 14, and try the lessons on 14/14

Otherwise you will be one of the victims of the method used here, that you ask QRS in a QSO and still can't copy because you need 20/12, and that is not regular Morse code, like 12/12

Posted: 2014-09-03 19:21
Perhaps you can forgive me for asking but what do you mean victim of the method used hear. ???? Also why would 20/12 not be regular cw. I realize 12/12 is a bit faster pace perhaps. Letters are coming faster than 20/12. Closer together.

Posted: 2014-09-04 08:19
It is not so bad.

Please place a summary here or a copy of your reference, so that readers here, at least I, are able to react more precisely.

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