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Thread: Does this ever get easer?

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Posted: 2014-07-30 19:56
I need to ask if this ever gets easer. I am on lesson 18 now. It looks like it is going to get much harder from hear on. Some of you that are far ahead I am asking how to approach what lies ahead. I am not to the point of frustration but I can see it going there.
Do you get 100% every time you work on your lesson. Do you just miss 1 or 2 or perhaps 3. Do you ever get to where you really know this. To where you feel confident in what you do know.
I have on one else to ask so I am asking hear. Help!!

Posted: 2014-07-30 23:14
I won’t compare my progress with anyone else. I’m probably not as fast as most people studying here. I am on lesson 22. Many of the letters from early lessons are drummed and implanted into my brain now. The later letters are not as solid. My point is that as I study consistently, more and more letters get ‘permanently’ implanted on my brain, but it takes time. And for me, recent letters have to be ‘relearned’ constantly. I definitely do not get 100 percent on every trial. But each month there are more and more old letters with zero or one mistake. I do see progress.

Posted: 2014-08-02 01:01
The Koch progression doesn't work for everyone. That said, you've both got much further down the Koch trail than I managed...

I found it better to learn all the characters in one go, using practice files which played characters in long predictable sequences. The "Convert text to CW" feature is handy for making such practice files...

Posted: 2014-08-02 11:43
Half way the 40 lessons, i started to use the morsemachine as well.
I used it before every lesson, just for 5 minutes or so.
Then i started with the next lesson, and i did that for all of the remaining lessons.
I still use the morsemachine every day, before doing a new lesson.
About ten minutes, and then i go on with practicing with the last lesson.
I do this for months now, and it starts to give me more speed in hearing en sending cw.
But offcourse you have to find your own way in how to learn cw here.
What works for me, does not have to work for someone else.
But keep going on with learning Lynn.
Maybe you just need more time to learn cw, then someone else, and there is nothing wrong with that.
As long as you just go on, you will get there in the end, don't give up!!

Posted: 2014-08-03 20:20
As I've mentioned before, I have completed all 40 lessons. However, I rarely score a 0% error on a group run. Right now I mostly practice 7-character groups at 2-minute length (speed 15/15). On a good day my error rates are mostly 5% to 8%. On a bad day...well, maybe tomorrow will be better. I haven't gone on the air yet, but I won't wait for consistent 0% errors, either. A standard QSO has limited vocabulary, and, as Lea has pointed out, longer words can often be figured out without decoding every letter. Real rag-chewing is an advanced art in CW.

Posted: 2014-08-04 12:52
Don't worry.

Just spent 15 minutes a day to decoding early in the daytime; when you think you are in a hurry to learn the code: 30 minutes, but negative advice for that, because that increases the chance that you can't make time free for it. So 15 minutes, ALWAYS EVERY DAY, that is what I does. You have your daily noise on the results, sometimes I take 23 out of 25 words correct in word exercises on this website, but never below 10 words. The average is 17, I suppose.

I do not notice any advance, not interesting. Just exercise.

I plan when I increase my top score obtained with 45 wpm at 50 wpm , I stop and just be lucky with realising what I planned to do.

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