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Thread: letter F

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Posted: 2014-07-24 18:35
The letter F seems to be a game changer for me. It seems like everything seems to be a bit more complicated. It really missed me up for 2 days. Things have been going along smoothly until now. I am worried about when I need to move forward.
With each letter it is getting a bit more difficult and the wpm is going down, though I have everything the same. 20 and 8.
This has been an interesting experience and just a wonderful sight. The feed back from all of you is so helpful. Thank you all for your time.

Posted: 2014-07-26 18:35
I'm on lesson 29 now and have been hung up a few times. I've learned that every 7th lesson or so, I spend extra time getting past a plateau. I just work through it, sometimes taking 3 times as long as other letters to finally average above 90% accuracy. After a while, it starts to click. Keep on trying!

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