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Thread: To push or not

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Posted: 2014-07-05 19:07
To push or not to push, that is the question. When one reaches 90% should we move on to the next letter or not. I started out staying one week for each letter. Now I find myself staying for 1.5 weeks for each letter. I can see where I may be staying on each letter for 2 weeks before moving on in the future.
I do not want to over train but I find myself more comfortable staying a bit longer with each level. It seems to collect a bit sooner if you know what I mean. Every time I change up to the next letter everything seems to get jumbled. Staying a bit longer at each letter has helped everything come back together sooner.
Moving on to soon makes everything a push. I seem to fall behind a bit more. So, What do you do with this. Do you go slow or do you push ahead at reaching 90%.

Posted: 2014-07-05 19:54
When I was going through the course I stayed on each letter until I achieved >90% four or five times, then moved on.

Posted: 2014-07-05 23:55
Same here: i also went on until i reached >90%, and then went to the next lesson.

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