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Thread: At the copy limit

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Posted: 2014-05-27 05:13
I am pretty much stopped at 26/14 on lesson 40. It seems to me that about half of my errors are the result of typing delays. I am using a generic computer keyboard and was wondering if anyone had tried the hi speed Mechanical keyboards designed for gaming (Razor, Roswill & others) to increase their copy speed?

Posted: 2014-05-27 08:58
rc wrote here that you can learn touch typing and Morse at the same time.

I do not agree,
- Morse has not upper and lower case and a number of keys are never used,
- The sequence of learning the code starting with k,m and so on, is not the way you have to learn to use different fingers on keys for touch typing.
In touch typing each finger has his own array of keys.
- Is is not wise , when you plan to copy code with a mill at a speed as high as you can reach, to type (your indicated problem) with a QWERTY keyboard.

Scientific research yields another lay out of keys in order to reach the highest possible typing speed. The Dvorak lay out.

What you did in this course is learning to become an intercept telegraph copier, because you type encrypted codegroups, without meaning for you on a typewriter.
When you do that long enough you can talk and think in the mean time over quite other things, the groceries you have to select, and the cost of living in New York. But when received Morse code it is in plain text you do not realise the meaning while typing, or when you try: got derailed.

It is possible to chose another lay-out on your computer, hence also Dvorak,

so when you plan to learn touch typing you possibly better change your keyboard layout.

You can find the way to do that in this forum,

You better exercise with words, normal spaced now and copy in your head. When you decoded in your head type it out with 2 fingers on the screen.

In that case you exercise not for intercept telegrapher of encrypted code groups but for real ham radio, speed not limited by your registration method of writing or typing.

Posted: 2014-05-27 11:19
I can only speak for myself: I learned touch typing when restarting CW some years ago.

No problems whatsoever, not using Dvorak.

Nice thing is: I can copy to PC at the speed I hear. Couldn't do that on paper.



Posted: 2014-05-27 16:02
First my congratulations to Daryl on his speed of 26/14. I'm am still at lesson 32 using 20/12 and I look forward to the day of being close to what you have achieved.

I agree with Lea. Learning 2 things at the same time is tough! I think I heard once that learning 2 things at the same time is 4 times tougher (2 things to the 2nd power exponent) than learning 1 thing. Don't know if that's true but it sounds probable. If you are serious about increasing your copy speed take heart in knowing that Barbara Blackburn, the world's fastest typist, can type 150 wpm for 50 minutes and she can do it in a burst of several minutes for 212 wpm. That is about 3 times faster than any human being can send morse code for several minutes in duration.

By the way she does prefer the Dvorak keyboard.


Posted: 2014-05-28 08:38
Thanks Mike, but getting here has been a slow process having started receiving code in 7th grade. Hang in there and practice daily and you will surprised how you will progress.
As for the Dvorak keyboard Lea, I agree that this would by far be the best keyboard for CW, unfortunately I have been using QUERTY for 30 years and the different letter position would
most likely just slow me down now.
Actually my goal is to read CW in my head without writing or typing but I found that Lesson 40 random groupings helps to increase speed on some characters that appear infrequenty in normal text.

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