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Thread: cw recognition

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Posted: 2014-04-30 19:42
I have found that by writing down what I hear rather than thinking about it seems to be a great improvement in copying code. By this I mean that I hear what is sent and just write it down. I have stopped thinking A B C D.
I first learned to send code. I simply sat down and learned the code in my mind. I knew that an R was .-. I found I was always thinking of the dit's a da's so I could not learn to receive. I worked to learn to receive 6 months at a time, twice. I never got any where. I had spent a year and could not receive code. I was so mad at myself I just gave up. I am back again and I have gotten the code out of my head. I have stopped thing of code in terms of dit's and da. I just listen to the total sound. The music I guess you could say. I stopped thinking of it. I just hear the sound period. Perhaps this might help someone like myself.
It was a big mistake to learn from a book, the code.

Posted: 2014-04-30 20:22
That is exact what i was told: do not listen to the dits and dahs, but listen to the sound of each code.
Now i can say that it goes a lot faster, copying text.
And what also works for me is to listen to cw on my transceiver,and try to find a cw conversation wich is not to fast.
Do that on a dayly basis, just like learning cw here on lcwo.
And hopefully somewhere this year i am being able to have my first qso in cw. HI.

Posted: 2014-04-30 21:08
It's about reflex building. Hear-write, hear-write... again and again.
Much training helps building the path.
Patience and resilience help too.
The 30 minutes sesion/day rule, works. 6x5 minute rounds allow you to focus. No breaks, just push the button again. Stay in that trance state. A break allows thoughts to wander.
Once all characters are imprinted in your mind, speeding up won't be an issue.Just some more time. If there is an issue to speed up, you're not so far yet with learning characters.
The receiving limit is your writing speed. Train this too.
A too slow initial learning speed won't help, allowing one to count, but not building the "sound-written character" path in your brain.
Start no lower than 15/12 I was counting at this speed.
Ideally train random groups,after having lesson 40 at 18/18wpm or higher, 90%.
Push the speed higher, you will need it when receiving plain text.
I just learned. Exactly this way.Took less than a year to reach 22/22 and I'm not young anymore.
On the subject "About Morse speed" OH8XAT has also some great observations, coming from a great practitioner; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x6ggckXtZjs

Posted: 2014-05-01 18:05

Start at lesson 1 put the speed on 20/5 or 20/4. Jot 9 exercises down with a pencil or easy gliding pen and
the tenth exercise of lesson 1 you present here the result of in percentage, after ONLY the tenth exercise copy of jotted down result typed over in check window.

1. regularly jot down by pencil, NOT by typing out
2. Do what I say and you will get results better you ever imagined, when the persistance is present.
3. you WILL reach your goal, when you follow 1. and 2. KEEP GOING. NEVER surrender.

Do persist anyway. When you report here or via PB you got assistance, anyway.

We (I am PD0LDB) help you out. The only requirement is perseverance. You have that so you can't fail.

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