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Thread: Mixing code with spoken letters ?

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Posted: 2014-04-05 23:46
Have any readers heard of success with learning Morse code by listening to spoken letters, and by mentally copying words (instead of focusing on letters)? For more info, see http://morsefusion.com

Posted: 2014-04-06 20:32
The only way is the hard way, and I am glad, because I meet only people behind calls that did it the hard way.

Posted: 2014-04-10 06:14
That's kinda what I expected to hear. Was just hoping to find an easier way, though. :

Posted: 2014-04-10 09:37
From the characterset learned in lesson 9, (10 characters total) you can exercise with short words length 4 in the WORDS chapter of this website. Listen and repeat until copied in your head and type it out after that happens.

That is the optimal and cheapest (free) and fastest way (look at my history) to copy words and sentences in your head. There is also a free possibility to make your own CD and USB stick from e-books, with all kind of possible parameters available from DJ1YFK ebook2cw.exe

So keep your money in your pocket, and spent your spare time in daily exercising. Side effect: A splendid possibility to check your perseverance.

Posted: 2014-04-10 16:00
Lea is right. I'm at lesson 20, and I've done something similar to what Lea has described with the first 21 characters at lcwo.net. I have a 30 minute commute most days and I wanted to use this time to train on Morse code. I created a few 30 minute recordings of 4 letter words. The words I picked from a web search of the 1,000 most common used English words. I found about 175 words with 4 characters. I threw away words that sound alike but could have different spellings (read, reed).

Because I'm still learning the characters I needed to start with small words and I wanted to have the word repeated 2 times in succession. I took the list of 175 words and duplicated it and then resorted the list so the duplicate words were on top of each other in the list. I then fed this list into Fabian's ebook2cw program as Lea mentioned. I also used the GUI front end to his program which is very useful. I set the "extra Word space" to 3 seconds because after the mp3 file is created, I intended to overlay my reading of the words and spelling of the word before each morse recording of the word.

The output MP3 file that 3book2cw created was loaded into Audacity, a free program for editing audio. I set up my simple external microphone on my computer as input to Audacity and I began laying down a new track so that I spoke the words at just the rite time and with just the right pace to fit in-between each morse pattern. For example, the first word is "like". I would first say the word, then the morse dits and dahs would sound then I would spell the word l-i-k-e and then the same morse dits and dahs would sound. This pattern would repeat for the remaining 174 words and that was about a 30 minute recording. I saved the resulting 2 track recording into a single MP3 file and downloaded into my MP3 player.

As Lea mentioned, the parameters in Fabian's program are very flexible and I recorded 3 different sets of recordings: all have 20wpm character speed but one has 10wpm effective speed, one 15wpm effective speed and another at 20wpm effective speed. I was able to re-use by vocal track in Audacity and just replace the morse code track that Fabian's program produced at the different effective speeds.

I call the above tracks my TRAINING exercises because the words are known to me BEFORE I hear the morse code. This helps my learning of the sounds. I also plan to create a different set of TESTING exercises where the words are revealed AFTER the morse code is played back -- this will improve my mastery of the sounds and begin my development of head-copy skill.

Audacity is kinda fun to play with and Fabian's program makes it all possible. The combination of the two is awesome.


Posted: 2014-04-20 17:04
The only way is the hard way, and I am glad, because I meet only people behind calls that did it the hard way.

lea, will you marry me?

err.. i mean to say, i like your style :)

Posted: 2014-05-01 13:45
Ehh, you make me blush. Yes, but not right now and here. X

I watched your fist at

Congrats about the quality of that.

Please make some additional statements about reaching that professional fist,
in order to get hams learning here the code. in track, in order to conserve the immaterial world heritage that the Morse code represents in sound received over radio path.

Best fist generated with a straight key I ever watched in my pretty short life.

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